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...i was almost finished with it.  i tried to finish it at skool yesterday, but lo and behold, the computer wouldn't recognize my flash drive.  i took the drive home (very important).  so today, i tried to finish my essay after skool, but...
my fucking flash drive is missing.
...i just can't catch a break, can i?

found it! <3 it was under my tissue box...

mmkay.  you all should know what a big Narutard i am.  if you don't, i shall let you know.  i was organizing my favourites just now...i saw the date i last accessed reference.com (7/23).  the first thing that came to mind was "hey, i haven't been on reference.com since sasuke's birthday!"  ...the second thing was "what the hell was i looking up?"  and, of course, the third thing that popped into my head was "lolololol...i should write about this on LiveJournal.
thought you all should know.
perhaps i should start with a physical description...
i am ever-shifting.  i stand at 5'10".  my skin fluctuates between paper-white and a pale rosy peach, the tops of my arms between pale tawny yellow and light golden-brown.  my hair is jet-black, with deep brown shimmer during my rare moments in the sun, and varies between stick-straight and untamably wavy; chin-length in the front, extremely short in the back, often greasy, causing it to stick in strange angles.  my eyes are round, yet come to sharp points at the edges, with dark bags underneath, and darker irises which cannot decide on what color they are; at times coal-black, deep gold-brown, rich blood-red.  i wear rectangular thick-rimmed glasses, broken and super-glued on the bridge.  my face generally has no tone but my slightly pinkish lips, though occasionally taking on a blush, or a redness about the nose, which currently has a silver hoop through the left nostril.  my ears are nondescript, save the four piercings currently residing there; one on the left, three on the right - i am hoping to add two more.  my arms are scratched, scarred, from roughhousing with a now-one-and-a-half-year-old kitten; on my left wrist is a ratty rainbow bracelet i haven't taken off in over three years; my left hand sports four rings - three on my middle and one on my pinky; my fingernails are chipped, bare, short.  i am nearly unhealthily thin, not that i'm trying; my ribcage is nearly visible, same with my spine, i have no muscular definition; the only real meat on me is my D-cup breasts, which sprang from nowhere but stayed, and a little around my midsection, springing to a bump when i eat.
and now my charming personality...
i am incredibly vain.  i place value on aesthetics, though not the mainstream ideal.  i believe there is no greater perfection than imperfection.  my favorite colors are jet-black, muted sky blue, pure snow white.  i am incapable of sitting in a chair like a normal human being.  i am restless.  i must always be doing something with my hands.  i will try nearly anything at least once.  i thrive on change.  i think i am awesome.  i don't need or seek the approval of others.  i live for myself.  i break rules.  i challenge authority.  i seek out random trivia that is not, nor will ever be, taught to me in school.  i live on the deviant side.  i find comfort in the chaotic.  i am admittedly immature.  society bores me.  stereotypes confuse me.  i swear constantly.  i am most comfortable when nothing makes sense.  i am a self-declared communo-anarchist.  i am wiccan.  the only two people i place before myself are my two best friends.  i am unbelievably lazy.  i love food.  i hate the color pink, although cherry-blossom pink is a color i can live with.  nothing about me is certain.  i have a twin brother, although he is not corporally manifested.  his soul resides in my body.  i have a younger sister, corporally manifested.  she is believed to be the antichrist.  my favorite flavors are sour, spicy, cheesy, greasy, and strawberry.  i faint when i haven't eaten in over two hours.  i am not afraid to ask "why."  i am currently unemployed.  i am a proud lesbian.  i am sarcastic.  i call it like i see it.  i don't take shit from anyone.  i am an amazon.  i have no shame.  i love myself.  i am a creature of convenience.  i forget things easily. i get loud.  i like to draw and design.  i don't think far ahead.  i don't dwell on the past.  i live right now.  i am in high school.  i wish i weren't.  and i am fed up with people telling me i should be enjoying it.  my secret hobby is playing dress-up.  being told to do something is not adequate reason for me to do anything.  adults love me.  children run from me.  adults think i'm good with children.  i almost fought a woman in a movie theatre because she couldn't silence her child during the movie.  my curiosity always gets the better of me.  i may update this at a later date.